We are very happy to announce that our "Learn Thai Language" website has finally launched! Please visit for more information about our course offerings.

Current Projects

About Us

ITS4K, or "Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Knowledge", is an e-Learning company based in Phuket, Thailand. We are a small team now, but we have big plans for the future of education in Thailand. We passionately believe that technology can be and should be harnessed to create fun and educational learning environments for people of all ages.

ITS4K was founded in 2006 in Bangkok by an IT instructor from the United States who now lives in Phuket. The e-learning environments are based on research the founder undertook at North Carolina State University, and are being built by a very talented Thai team of designers, programmers, and educators.

We welcome any questions or comments. Please feel free to contact us any time.